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Panfic Money Insurance

I. Warranty descriptions

Money Insurance (Insurance Money) there are 2 (two) types, ie in Safe Money (Money in storage) and Money in Transit (Money in the Delivery). The definition of money here is defined as Cash, Bank Notes, Currency Notes, Checks (open / crossed), Postal Order, Money Order, stamps and seals.

The meaning of the Insurance Money: indemnity to the insured due to loss of money to be owned or responsibilities that are directly caused by:

1. Save Money in:

theft accompanied by violence, either to enter or exit the site coverage as listed in the summary of coverage by force or by violence.

2. Money in Transit: a robbery that occurred during the transfer of money from and / or the location of the coverage.

Insurers will indemnify the Insured in connection with any loss or damage to the vault or storage space owned by the insured caused by robbers or thieves.

II. exception

This policy does not guarantee the losses that occur due to loss of money:

1. Because dishonesty, robbery and theft by employees of the insured or other party designated employees of the insured to send money.

2. If the vault or storage space that was left unlocked with the key on-site coverage during off-hours cover.

3. At the time of vehicle used to carry the money is not maintained and / or not locked.

4. Due to the reduced value of money due to depreciation or currency fluctuations.

5. If the missing money is guaranteed by another policy. Except those related to the difference on the amount payable under the policy if there is no closure.

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