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Panfic Home Care

Panfic Home Care (fire & property insurance).

So many negative consequences will be felt for parties who obtain fire, not a little loss of material which did not escape from the destroyed as fires akinat. All never wanted to get the accident. The entire item of goods that may be in your house can burn down, even in terms of construction will greatly enable these homes to be no longer fit to live. Fire has never choose a particular place or building where, offices, warehouses, factories, may be experiencing the same thing will suffer even greater losses value anymore because in general the place there are valuables in the form of documents that can not be replaced. Whoever you are bound to be negatively affected by financial losses.

Faced with such adversity above you can minimize risk by implementing standards in each of the activities, in order to avoid irregularities that could result in fire. But although it is set as possible, the accident is still possible, and that you can do is to transfer risk to insurance companies.
Panfic Home Care (fire & property insurance) provides protection against losses on residential, hotels, offices, factories, warehouses, and other buildings against financial loss due to:

* Fire
* Explosion
* Lightning
* Losses due to smoke and the plane crashed.
* Insurance products can be extended to the protection of labor unrest and strikes.

Generally the insurance policy for housing is often called "Home Insurance", while policy holders to another building insurance is often called "Property Insurance".

For more information about Panfic Home Care please call
Panfic  Care Center 24 Hour 021 45 8 45 511 or our nearest representative office or send an email to


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