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Word from President Commissioner

Since PT Pan Pacific Insurance first establishment, we have committed to always uphold the corporate values related to customer service, partnership arrangements with business partners, and relationship with our employees.

To live by our commitments, the Company has consistently published financial report in a timely manner, provide excellent service, and comply with regulations related to good insurance corporate governance and code of conduct as expected by our customers and business partners. We always feel challenged and never hesitate to make changes as long as they are good for the advancement of the Company.

It is with pride and joy that we announce the Company recorded outstanding achievements throughout 2014. Our grateful thanks to God, Board of Directors, Management and all employees for their hard work and to our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders for their massive contribution to the Company. The Company’s achievements will sure add value for the shareholders.

In facing the future years, the Company is taking into consideration several factors which are ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Rupiah exchange rate fluctuations, economic growth slowdown, and high inflation rate.

Those factors will contribute significant impacts to the Company’s overall performance. We see the need to create strategic plan to enter retail insurance and middle class markets, as encouraged by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), through financial literacy for the society with aim to boost insurance products utilization.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we pay our highest respect for the effort, cooperation, support and continuous trust given by the shareholders and to our loyal customers who maintain their trust and support for our business. The Company wouldn’t have recorded this high achievement and growth if it weren’t for them.





Word from President Director

PT Pan Pacific Insurance rapid growth and success are results of the Company’s open management system which enables employees at all levels to contribute their ideas and creativity for the company’s progress in order to provide excellent service for every party, the Company continues to move dynamically to conduct sustainable improvement.

With support of better IT system and fast and efficient claim process, PT Pan Pacific Insurance continues to maintain its position as a leading and trusted insurance provider in Indonesia.

In effort to develop competence human resources in their fields, the Company provides sustainable internal and external training program. The Company also continuously monitors the employees’ performance using Periodic Performance Appraisal, thus the management can directly design improvement strategy required to reach the Company’s target.

The Company’s achievements throughout 2017 reflect the Management’s commitment to lean and move in profitable lines of business with healthy claim ratio.

We constantly keep in mind that compliance with the government’s regulation; specifically the ones issued by the Financial Services Authority (OJK); good corporate governance; good behavior; good business ethics and good business risk management; greatly affect the company’s business development and trust given by the customers and stakeholders.

On this occasion, we would like to acknowledge the shareholders, Board of Commissioners, employees, customers, and business partners for their dedicative contribution and support that have helped the company moving forward in a positive direction.

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